Smart Technology Delivers Whole-House Comfort & Energy Efficiency

Record-breaking temperatures began early this year in Texas, and Austin-Round Rock residents are already feeling the pinch of higher energy costs. One of the best ways to lower utility bills while staying comfortable during scorching summer months is with wise thermostat management. This can be accomplished manually, but there are risks to changing temperature settings at will. Too often, temperature micromanagement leads to less efficient AC operation and reduced comfort.

With today’s smart technology, you can boost your air conditioner’s efficiency and improve indoor comfort without effort. A programmable thermostat integrated with your home’s smart management device delivers state-of-the-art climate control while maximizing energy efficiency.

Benefits of Installing a Smart Programmable Thermostat

A refreshingly cool indoor environment is key to at-home productivity and healthy living in the balmy Central Texas climate. When you arrive home after a day of work, shopping or running errands, you want to step into an air-conditioned oasis—but maintaining ideally cool temperatures while no one is home wastes energy and skyrockets utility bills. Likewise, cooling empty or seldom-used areas of your home adds costly wear and tear on HVAC equipment.

This summer, overcome energy waste and enjoy perfect indoor comfort with a programmable thermostat that allows multiple daily settings. Or, for optimal management of your home’s interior climate, integrate a wireless thermostat with your smartphone or virtual assistant to enjoy cost-saving advantages like these:

  • More consistent temperature management
  • Easy remote temperature monitoring
  • Reduction of unnecessary cooling when no one is home
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Stable in-home humidity
  • Ability to zone-off rooms not in use
  • Regulated temperatures for sleep & waking hours
  • Convenient override functions

High Tech Expertise, Old-School Values

Cool Experts stay at the forefront of HVAC technology with ongoing education and updated certifications. Our NATE-certified technicians install and service smart thermostats, indoor air quality equipment and innovative HVAC systems like ductless and mini-split heat pumps. Most importantly, we provide Austin and Round Rock residents with prompt response times, professionally licensed service and timeless Texas values like 100% customer satisfaction and fair, no-gimmicks pricing. Call on the Experts for 24/7 emergency AC repair: 512.588.1452. For your convenience, you can also request seasonal AC service online.