Divert Summer Money to Vacations & Fun

Across Greater Austin, kids are counting the weeks until school is out. Families are looking toward June and July when summer months allow for travel, barbecues, tubing trips and quality time. But despite promises of a sun-drenched season filled with vacations and pool days, summer also brings unique challenges to Central Texas households. One of these—rising utility bills—is about to get real as already hot TX temps turn holy-Hades sweltering.

According to the Department of Energy, 75 percent of U.S. homes have air conditioning systems. Those AC systems use about 6 percent of U.S.-produced electricity, totaling an annual $29 billion in energy costs. If your summer fun-o-meter dips a little when you think of the rising grocery, entertainment and utility expenses that accompany summer break, take heart. While we can’t do much about those pricey trips to your favorite wholesale warehouse, Cool Experts offers some pretty sweet (and simple) tips for staying cool on a budget—so you can redirect your cash toward more summer fun.

Tips for Controlling Summer AC Bills

  1. Rely on fans for cooling specific rooms. It’s amazing how much better your home feels when you keep the air moving. Fans work in conjunction with central AC while using a fraction of the energy your whole-house cooling system does. Instead of lowering the thermostats every time kids are around or you’re working from home, set ceiling fans on high and purchase additional pedestal, box or desk fans. Remember this, though: Fans cool people, not rooms. Before you leave an area, turn off the fans and save electricity.
  2. Install high-quality window coverings. Those builder-grade blinds that came with your house are mostly useless on a hot summer day. The DOE reports that window coverings like insulated cellular shades can reduce unwanted solar heat up to 80 percent, lowering solar gain to 15 percent or less when shades are tightly and properly installed. (On the flip side, insulated shades provide complete privacy, upgrade the look of your home and minimize heat loss during winter, too!)
  3. Keep spray bottles or spray-bottle fans in the fridge and throughout the house. Fill water bottles with water or a natural aloe vera-water mix. Choose metal bottles, which stay cold longer. Spritz temples, wrists, neck and other pulse points where blood vessels are closest to the skin. Using spray bottles in a room equipped with fans enhances cooling even more. Spraying pets a few times a day helps them weather the summer heat, too.
  4. Hydrate well and back off on the caffeine. Hot, humid weather can adversely affect your health. As a diuretic, caffeine makes it harder to stay adequately hydrated, so it’s wise to reduce coffee intake if you’re feeling hot and weary. Drink plenty of water since it helps your body replenish fluids lost through sweat. Many medical professionals recommend drinking half your weight in daily H2O ounces. Tired of plain water? Add lemon or frozen fruit cubes—or throw naturally flavored sparkling water into your rotation.
  5. Have your air conditioner routinely serviced. You’d never plan a cross-country trip without tuning up your vehicle. In Texas, your AC system is a year-round workhorse that deserves the same care. Cool Experts customers report that maintenance improves air conditioning efficiency and performance. Think of HVAC maintenance as an affordable investment that lowers utility bills and prolongs the life of your cooling and heating system. Ask about our Silver, Gold and Platinum Comfort Club plans designed for every system. Club members receive professional tune-ups, membership discounts, priority scheduling and more. Between service calls, be sure to change your HVAC filters frequently and trim grass and weeds around outdoor air conditioning equipment to optimize ventilation and airflow.

Cool Experts Is Your Go-To Summer Maintenance Partner 

Austin-Round Rock summer heat is fierce and uncompromising, but regular AC service reduces your chances of a catastrophic breakdown during soaring temperatures. Set your HVAC worries aside, save on utilities and get back to your vacation plans when you trust Cool Experts. Each summer and every season in between, it’s our goal to safeguard your comfort, respect your budget and keep indoor air fresh and healthy.

In some cases, it may be best to replace an air conditioner that’s costing you more and more to run. Cool Experts’ high-efficiency AC, heat pump and ductless system installations deliver superior performance and energy savings you’ll love. Our friendly, skilled specialists recommend the best system for your needs and provide you with a no-upsells, gimmick-free experience. Click here to learn more about our air conditioning services or call 512.588.1452 to schedule the region’s most dependable cooling repairs, programmable thermostat installation, AC maintenance and indoor air quality services.