Ducts Are the Hidden Key to Indoor Comfort

Insufficient air flow. It’s a common complaint among frustrated homeowners, and it is one of the industry’s biggest problems. When Cool Experts evaluates a home or business for heating or cooling replacement, we prioritize the duct evaluation. Even newer duct systems are often undersized and rarely sealed properly. Without duct repair and replacement, new HVAC systems cannot operate to manufacturers’ comfort and efficiency standards.

Cool Experts’ HVAC performance and air balancing services maximize indoor comfort and prolong equipment life. Our team also provides whole-house air duct cleaning for dust and debris removal, odor elimination or pest mitigation.

High-Caliber Duct Repair for a Healthy HVAC System

To assess duct health, Cool Experts comfort specialists evaluate your home’s return and supply balance and duct size. When supply or return ducts are too small or homes lack enough return air grilles, HVAC systems can’t breathe. According to the National Comfort Institute, “A 30 percent return duct leak on a hot or cold day can decrease your heating or cooling capacity more than 50 percent. That may sound extreme, but it’s not an uncommon condition.”

FAQs About Ductwork Repair & Air Duct Replacement

Air ducts are the “veins” of a home or business HVAC system—but they are also one of the most neglected system components. To educate Cedar Park and Round Rock customers about the importance of duct repair and maintenance, we’ve compiled answers to our most common duct work questions. Need more help? We’re happy to oblige! Call 737.727.3688 to speak with an air quality technician about your home’s ventilation system.

  • Do Ductwork Repair & Sealing Really Save Energy?
    Yes! Cool Experts loves to help customers save money while keeping homes safe and healthy. Making duct improvements is a proven way to enhance supply and return air flow, avoid energy waste and improve duct performance. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a typical home loses 20 to 30 percent of air when air duct leaks, holes and broken seals aren’t addressed. Cool Experts’ air quality specialists keep conditioned air where it belongs: inside your house!
  • What Are the Most Common Duct Problems?
    When we inspect a home or business HVAC system, it is rare we don’t run into common problems like these:

    • Improper duct & vent sizing (per industry guidelines)
    • Poor duct sealing or aging duct seals
    • Excessive buildup of dust, pollen or pest-related debris
    • Kinked or twisted ducts
    • Sagging ductwork that lacks support
    • Loose grills & poorly sealed registers

    Is your Cedar Park ductwork in disrepair? Are your utility bills out of control? Comfort Experts’ IAQ specialists ensure proper duct sizing, fix broken air returns and create airtight seals to block contaminants, stop energy waste and balance airflow.

  • Why Do I Need to Replace or Fix Ducts When I Buy a New HVAC System?
    Many contractors install new air conditioners or heating equipment without addressing existing duct problems. At Cool Experts, we view HVAC equipment as an integrated system. Duct health is essential to maintaining your indoor climate, so we seal, upgrade or clean ducts as needed. We also offer total home AC duct replacement. Cool Experts never recommends investing in a high-efficiency HVAC system, only to neglect the “arteries and veins” that deliver balanced airflow. High-quality ventilation systems should alwaysbe properly sized and sealed for optimal performance.
  • Why Are My Air Ducts Making Noise?

    There are many reasons your ducts may pop or make banging sounds. Usually, noises occur after your air conditioner or heater turns on. As air begins cycling through the vents, ductwork expands. This metal expansion leads to occasional popping or banging. Other causes for duct sounds include:

    • Air
      balance problems
    • Differences
      in supply/return pressure
    • Temperature
      changes that cause metal to contract or expand
    • Air
      leaks, dirty filters & undersized ducts that whistle

    Depending on the reason your vents are noisy, Cool Experts’ technicians might recommend fiberglass duct wrap or acoustic duct liners to quiet metal duct work. Placing rubber pads between vents and wood beams or other building materials may dampen annoying sounds. Duct cleaning, sealing and insulation may help balance the airflow and minimize noise.

  • What Air Duct Services Do You Provide?
    Cool Experts provides a comprehensive range of duct installation and repair services.

    • Duct condition & air balance inspections
    • Duct, register & grille sealing
    • Damaged or kinked duct repair
    • Disconnected duct sealing & repair
    • Ductwork insulation & blown-in attic insulation
    • Filter cleaning or replacement
    • Combustion safety checks & backdrafting tests
    • Total AC duct replacement

  • How Do I Know if My Ducts Need Repair or Service?
    The most important step to maintaining healthy Round Rock ductwork is to schedule seasonal HVAC inspections and join our affordable Comfort Club. If you haven’t had a recent air conditioning tune-up, signs and symptoms like those below may alert you to poor duct performance. Trust Cool Experts for reliable duct services that address these issues.

    • Increasing summer & winter utility bills
    • Multiple hot & cold spots throughout your home
    • Constantly stuffy or chilly rooms
    • Poorly insulated attics where ducts are located
    • Visibly kinked, disconnected or damaged ducts

Request Cedar Park, TX, Air Duct Replacement & Maintenance

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