Breathe Easier With Upgraded Filters for Your HVAC System

Most homes and businesses in Austin and surrounding communities already have the basics of a filtration system. Central air conditioners, forced-air furnaces and heat pumps remove large particles like dust and pollen with filters designed to protect the unit’s mechanical components. For more complete removal of pollutants, these HVAC systems can be modified and fitted with special filters that capture or eliminate much finer particles and pathogens. High-efficiency filtration includes:

  • Extended media or HEPA filters that successfully capture dust, pet dander, allergens and molds.
  • Electronic filters or electrostatic precipitators that electrically charge smoke and other particles to collect them from the air.
  • UV filters, which are usually paired with electrostatic precipitators to zap bacteria and viruses.

Cool Experts Installs Commercial Air Filtration Systems

Safeguarding the health and comfort of customers and employees is a key responsibility of businesses today. The Cool Experts install and maintain air filtration and purification systems in commercial HVAC systems, and we carefully document service for your records. Call us today at 512.588.1452 to speak with a commercial indoor air quality specialist about your business needs.