New HVAC Systems Deliver Superior Performance & Energy Savings

When your HVAC system is more than a decade old or shows signs of throwing in the towel, Cool Experts evaluates your home’s size, layout and ventilation system to help you choose new AC equipment suited to your comfort and budget objectives. Ask our highly trained HVAC specialists about the benefits of central air, heat pumps and ductless systems so you can make an informed choice.

Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

A high-performance, energy-efficient air conditioning system can mean the difference between a miserable summer and a productive one. Before temperature extremes derail your household, call the Experts at 512.790.5715 to request a free estimate for your new AC unit. Cool Experts specializes in the installation of heat pumps, ductless systems, hybrid HVAC systems and central air conditioners. Your AC may need replacing if these signs sound familiar:

  • Your system is over a decade old. Like an aging vehicle, an older AC system can begin to nickel-and-dime you with repairs. Sometimes it’s wiser to cut your losses and invest in new equipment. Your trained and certified technician can help you decide between repair and replacement.
  • Your home doesn’t stay comfortable in the summer. If it feels like your aging air conditioner can’t keep up with summer demand or doesn’t cool consistently, it might be time for a new system.
  • Utility bills are on the rise. Sure, a long hot summer can drive up your bills—but if temperatures are average and your bill is growing, it may be time to consider AC replacement.