Heat Pump Service That Keeps You Cozy

One call to Cool Experts at 512.790.5715 puts you in touch with trained technicians who respond to a heat pump emergency with expertise, fully stocked vehicles and unwavering dedication to workmanship. Licensed, insured and fully certified to work on all brands of heat pumps, our team diagnoses the problem, makes necessary repairs and restores your comfort in short order. And, unlike other local heating companies, the Cool Experts team does not charge a premium for after-hours heat pump repair.

Warning Signs of Heat Pump Failure

Delayed and neglected maintenance is a leading cause of premature heat pump failure. Frayed fan belts, dirty filters and coils coated in dust impede efficiency and make your equipment work harder than it should. Other warning signs of troublesome heat pump repairs include:

  • Loud clanging noises
  • Musty or foul-smelling odors
  • Rising energy bills
  • Outdoor units covered with trash & foliage
  • Motors that cycle on & off frequently
  • Inconsistent indoor temperatures & humidity

Take swift action if you notice any of these signs. Call 512.790.5715 to schedule a heat pump inspection by the Cool Experts’ licensed professionals.

Austin’s Commercial HVAC Leaders

When a commercial HVAC system goes down, it’s a disaster. Business disruptions and building closures cost money and halt productivity. When you partner with the Cool Experts team, we work tirelessly to make sure the heating and cooling system in your business, facility or residential property stays in top form. Connect with us online to learn more about our commercial Comfort Club agreements or to request a no-obligation equipment estimate.