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Cody was installing a new HVAC system for us in February and there was going to be one night with no heat.
Cody went and bought space heaters for each room.
I felt we could of survived the night, but he felt better giving us the option of heat.
Glad he did, it got cold that night and it was nice to keep the bedrooms warm.

Joseph Lopez • Cedar Park, TX

Last night after dinner, the family (all teenage girls) and I came home to a house with a down HVAC unit, and a wonderful 93 degrees in our living room. After, making a few calls looking for a referral, we called Cody at Cool Experts. I know it was Sunday, and after 6pm, but Cody at Cool Experts “made it happen.” Cool Experts were able to respond to my house within 1 hour of the call, and upon arriving he was able to diagnose the problem within 30 minutes of him being here. Cody was very hands on and showing me what was wrong with the unit and explaining why. Plus, with less than 2 hours of service, Cody was able restore the unit back to the correct operating level, and help educate myself on simple HVAC signs of wear and tear to the unit. I highly recommend Cody and Cool Experts to anyone seeking AC repair in the Cedar Park/Round Rock area. They are very thorough with the work they complete and have a clean operating work space. Cool Experts really stepped up and delivered excellent work at a competitive price for me. I cannot describe how thankful I am with Cody at Cool Experts, and helping us out on a late Sunday night.

Give them a call! YOU WILL thank me later

Robert Abernathy • Cedar Park, TX

We had our AC go out on a Sunday evening. Our landlord called his company that he normally uses and they would not come out till the next day. He called Cool Experts and they came out right away and got all the repairs done within a few hours and our AC up and running great. Very friendly and professional. Great customer service. I would definitely recommend this company.

April Holt • Cedar Park, TX

Last summer I had the opportunity to work with Cool Experts, as a construction superintendent I oversee numerous trades and when given the chance to review this company I jumped at it.

That being said, the expertise, quality and understanding that Cool Experts and it’s technicians have in HVAC service and installation is unparalleled in the Austin area. I was impressed with the state of art equipment, tooling and testing applications used to assure all aspects of service and systems were correctly installed and carefully checked.

This attention to detail, coupled with a friendly, respectful and honest office staff makes Cool Experts a company you can depend on and trust to do the job right every time. Thanks Guys!

Michael Prather • Cedar Park, TX

Cool Experts installed a new system and I am very happy with their professional service. They also did some repairs at another location and fixed the problem quickly and for a reasonable price.

David Collier • Austin, TX

I’ve had Juan come out on two occasions now, once to my office location and another time to my home. Extremely professional, and he goes above and beyond. It would be nice to have more people out there like Juan, as he’s very knowledgeable and gives us valuable feedback and pointers. I really appreciate the level of service displayed and will definitely use Cool Experts again, primarily because of my experience with Juan! Thank you sir!!

Shama Sivalingman • Austin, TX

“Cool Experts came in after another company completely messed up my AC instead of fixing it. Amy, in the office, is an incredibly sweet person and tried very hard to get us up and running ASAP. Juan came out to diagnose and get the parts ordered. He also was very nice and you could tell he was good at his job just by watching him. Cody came today to install the new compressor (that another contractor blew with their horrible work) and again, he was amazing. He explained everything while he worked and answered all my questions. He stayed afterward to make sure everything was working correctly. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone in need. They will be the only ones working on my AC in the future!”

Krystin Lindner • Hutto, TX

“Thank you, Cool Experts, for all of your honesty and expertise. I’ve used you three times now, and each time I am more impressed with the level of service. Thank you for fixing my clogged AC line, then coming back to fix the thermometer—then coming to my other rental property to verify there was no AC leak. I had three other people telling me my AC needed all kinds of work, and you looked at it and gave me an honest assessment and believable next steps to fix. I appreciate you. Thanks for all of your hard work!”

Lisa TR • Cedar Park, TX

“When we came home from vacation a month ago, it was 95 degrees in our house. When we contacted Cody the next day, he was so kind to us. He let us use a portable AC unit before we even committed to a contract with their company. In July in Texas, having one room that is 78 degrees is a real lifesaver when the rest of the house is hovering around 90.

Once we committed to using Cool Experts, our experience was nothing but positive. They fit us in within a few days of us signing our contract (half down, half due at completion of work), which is fast in the busy summer season. Since our old unit was 25 years old and the compressor had gone out, we ended up replacing both our AC and heating units. We told them that we are early risers, and they were at the door at 6:30 on a Friday morning, ready to work. Cody and his team put in a 13-hour day to have us set up with AC by bedtime. I’m sure there are plenty of companies that would have come back to complete the work the following Monday rather than lose their Friday night, but Cody stayed until we were up and running and even came over a couple of hours later to ensure that the outside unit was functioning smoothly and correctly.

Cool Experts has provided us with a beautiful new unit with lovely touch screen thermostats for a very competitive price. We purchased a Gold Standard American Standard unit, which has an excellent manufacturer warranty in addition to a one-year full warranty from Cool Experts. Most of all, their customer service was amazing. It’s one month later, and we have a unit that is functioning amazingly and able to easily keep up with the soaring temperatures outside.

We would definitely recommend Cody and his team to anyone seeking AC repair in the Cedar Park area. They do thorough, excellent work at competitive prices, are knowledgeable and happy to explain things to their customers (including how to apply for and receive energy efficiency rebates), and they go above and beyond what other companies would do to make sure your AC/heating problem is resolved as quickly and satisfactorily as possible.

Give them a call! You will thank us later.”

Amy Koch • Cedar Park, TX