Indoor air quality equipment like air purifiers, electrostatic filters and whole house dehumidifiers are low-maintenance systems that deliver big benefits to Texas home and business owners. These units mitigate the effects of pollutants, particulates and humidity on indoor air quality, which the EPA has identified as a leading source of environmental health risk.

IAQ systems work with your home’s air conditioning and ventilation system to clean, disinfect, dehumidify and return the air that circulates through your whole house. The result is indoor air that is fresh, comfortably cool and relatively free of dust, allergens, excessive humidity and harmful pollutants.

Follow Recommended Maintenance Procedures

To get the most from your indoor air quality equipment, always follow the manufacturer’s schedule for inspections and cleaning of critical components like filters and collectors. Because most IAQ units work with your HVAC system, you should also be diligent about regular service for your central AC, furnace or heat pump. The Cool Experts offer convenient maintenance plans that ensure necessary service procedures are followed and detailed records are kept. Ask our team about DIY care for your dehumidifier, air filtration or air purification system.