A Little TLC for Your AC

Most people prioritize car tune-ups but neglect their cooling system’s need for regular air conditioner maintenance service. Neglecting your unit’s TLC needs is a major mistake—particularly in the Austin, Cedar Park and Round Rock, TX, areas. Frequent filter changes, cleaning and lubing, or troubleshooting small problems can lead to a stronger performance and a longer lifespan for your central air conditioner, ductless system or heat pump.

With decades of collective know-how, Cool Experts’ team of highly trained technicians breathes new life into your cooling system with our air conditioner maintenance services in Round Rock, TX, Cedar Park, TX and surrounding areas. From an in-depth inspection to a routine checkup, we’ll give your unit the care it needs to power through cooling season, certifying you won’t lose your cool even when Texas weather does its worst.

Yes, Maintenance Really Is Important

technician performing ac maintenance in cedar park txEnduring Texas’ heat isn’t an easy task. However, your air conditioner does more than withstand the heat. It battles it, day in and day out, to keep you cool. It takes a severe toll on your AC unit’s health, diminishing its efficiency by 5 percent per year of operation. Our air conditioner maintenance services in Austin, TX, are designed to put a stop to this impact, preventing your system from facing costly AC repairs or worse, a premature AC replacement or new system installation.

Studies show that scheduling regular AC maintenance service in Austin, TX, protects a system’s health, extends its lifespan and helps recover lost efficiency, retaining up to 95 percent of a unit’s efficiency for years to come.

But that’s not all! Staying on top of your system’s need for AC maintenance service saves you money. Unlike units that don’t receive the attention they deserve, your system will have a lower operating cost. This more energy- and cost-effective operation results in lower monthly energy bills and fewer AC repair costs.

Plus, scheduling air conditioner maintenance services in the Cedar Park, TX, area:

  • Leads to more reliable, uniform chilled relief throughout your home
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Improves your home’s indoor air quality for a healthier home
  • … And so much more!

We Put a Price on Peace of Mind—And It’s Affordable!

From seasonal inspections to recurring checkups, the cost of giving your air conditioner the TLC it needs adds up. That’s why we created our Comfort Club. This preventive maintenance agreement makes our AC maintenance services a better fit for your budget.

Our Silver, Gold and Platinum Comfort Club plans include professional tune-ups and cleaning as well as membership discounts and priority scheduling. As a Comfort Club member, you’ll enjoy:

  • Safer operation: Short circuits or cracked heat exchangers can endanger your home and family. Cool Experts puts your safety first.
  • Extended equipment life: Add years to your equipment’s life with routine tune-ups and inspections.
  • Improved efficiency: Neglected equipment costs more to operate. Prioritizing AC maintenance lowers your energy bills.
  • Priority scheduling: No need to stand in line. Go straight to the top of our list when breakdowns occur.
  • Warranty protection: Our comprehensive maintenance plans meet or exceed all manufacturer warranty requirements.
  • Repair discounts: Depending on your plan, you’ll enjoy discounts on qualified AC repairs.*
  • FREE service calls: When HVAC troubles arise, club members receive one or more free service calls.*

*Benefit levels vary based on Comfort Club Plan.

Beat the Heat With Cool Experts

Start protecting your cooling system, your comfort, your budget and your peace of mind from Texas’ heat today! Contact us online or call 737.727.3688 to schedule air conditioner maintenance service in Austin, TX!