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Join the Comfort Club

Like your car, your HVAC system is a complexity of parts requiring routine care and attention. Frequent filter changes, cleaning and lubing, and diagnosing minor problems leads to a longer, stronger life. ENERGY STAR® blames dirt and neglect for the majority of energy waste and heating or cooling failure, but you don’t have to be a statistic.

Comfort Club Benefits for Silver, Gold & Platinum Members

As a Comfort Club member, you’ll enjoy regular equipment inspections, safety checks and tune-ups. And, when inevitable breakdowns occur, you’ll go straight to the top of our priority list.

Here are some other great reasons to invest in our affordable Gold, Silver and Platinum plans:

  • Safer operation. Short circuits or cracked heat exchangers can endanger your home and family. Cool Experts puts your safety first.
  • Extended equipment life. Add years to your equipment’s life with routine tune-ups and inspections.
  • Improved efficiency. Neglected HVAC equipment costs more to operate. Prioritize maintenance and lower your energy bills.
  • Priority scheduling. No need to stand in line. Go straight to the top of our list when inevitable breakdowns occur.
  • Warranty protection. Our comprehensive maintenance plans meet or exceed all manufacturer warranty requirements.
  • Repair discounts. Depending on your plan, you’ll enjoy discounts on qualified repairs.*
  • FREE service calls: When HVAC troubles arise, club members receive one or more free service calls.*

*Benefit levels vary based on Comfort Club Plan.

Cedar Park & Austin-Round Rock HVAC Maintenance

Heating and cooling maintenance isn’t a task recommended for do-it-yourselfers. Proper function of your HVAC and indoor air quality equipment depends on a number of factors. Tune-ups by the Cool Experts professionals include detailed inspection, adjustment, cleaning and testing of your entire ventilation system.

The Cool Experts deliver the professional expertise and quality workmanship that will ensure the longest possible life for your air conditioner and heating system. We value your business and are committed to your 100% satisfaction.

Call the Cool Experts for Emergency Repairs

A heating or cooling emergency is never convenient, but the Cool Experts are ready to help 24/7. Call us at 512.588.1452 for after-hours emergency service that won’t cost a premium. Remember, routine maintenance is the best way to avoid breakdowns. For information about Comfort Club maintenance agreements, connect with us online.