Economical Air Conditioning to Beat the Heat

When Central Texas temperatures soar and humidity becomes oppressive, cost-conscious Austinites appreciate the economical cooling and humidity control of a heat pump air conditioning system installed and serviced by the Cool Experts. Heat pump cooling utilizes energy-efficient refrigerant technology to remove heat and humidity from your home or business, leaving the indoor climate constant and comfortable.

Austin residents and business owners trust the NATE-certified cooling and heating professionals at Cool Experts for superior service and competitive pricing on innovative heat pump systems and air conditioning equipment. Our team makes load calculations to determine capacity, checks for leaky ductwork and installs insulation, ensuring that your heat pump delivers energy efficiency and maximum indoor comfort.

Heat Pump & Other Heating Services by the Cool Experts

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Heat pumps are a wise choice for homeowners wishing to go green or reduce their utility costs. While they cost more upfront than other HVAC systems, they deliver highly efficient performance, year-round, while requiring minimal maintenance.