Expert Care to Extend Heat Pump Life

Neglecting seasonal care and routine HVAC maintenance forces your heat pump to work harder than necessary and may result in costly early replacement. Even so, who wants to dedicate a spring or fall weekend to DIY inspection and maintenance of your heat pump system?

With Carbon Monoxide and Gas Leak Testing

Only $59!

Heating season is here.
Our 60+-point inspection will ensure your system is working safely.
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Cedar Park Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Cool Experts has the solution: a comprehensive heat pump maintenance plan that covers routine seasonal cleanings and operational checks. Our affordable residential and commercial Comfort Club agreements fit any budget and ensure that your HVAC equipment is primed to deliver reliable heating and cooling throughout its long service life. Heat pump maintenance performed by licensed and certified technicians includes:

  • Filters cleaned or replaced
  • Motors lubricated
  • Refrigerant levels checked & topped off
  • Coils cleaned
  • Debris removed from outside unit
  • Operation of electric terminals & controls tested
  • Thermostat calibrated

Save your fall weekends for relaxing in the warm comfort delivered by a well-tuned heat pump! With maintenance by the Cool Experts, you’ll receive an additional benefit: free emergency service if equipment repaired or installed by our technicians should break down unexpectedly.

Austin’s Trusted Heating & Cooling Pros

Whether you’re a homeowner with a sluggish AC or a commercial property manager upgrading for energy efficiency, the Cool Experts have an HVAC solution for you. Call us today at 512.588.1452 to schedule an inspection and new equipment consultation, or connect with us online.