Pro Care That Extends Heating Life

Mother and child enjoying their heat pump working correctly in Austin TXDid you know putting off seasonal heat pump inspections can cost you comfort and money? According to ENERGY STAR®, dirt and neglect are the top reasons for HVAC breakdowns! At its worst, deferred maintenance may lead to premature heat pump replacement—and no one wants to waste money on early heater upgrades.

To keep your heat pump or ductless mini-split system running reliably and efficiently, trust Cool Experts’ maintenance specialists. Just like a scheduled oil change for your favorite car, seasonal heat pump services deliver benefits proven to outweigh their affordable cost.

Advantages of Cedar Park, TX, Heat Pump Inspections

Cool Experts provides comprehensive heat pump and ductless service memberships that cover routine cleanings, operational checkups and safety inspections. Our affordable Comfort Club maintenance agreements are tailored to your budget and heating needs—and they ensure your heat pump or furnace is primed and ready to keep you cozy this winter. Benefits of regularly scheduled tune-ups include improved heating balance, lower utility bills, reduced energy waste and healthier indoor air quality.

Preventative Care for Energy-Efficient Heating

Heat pump and furnace problems are a pain, and they are especially frustrating after hours. Home maintenance is easier when Cool Experts services your Round Rock, TX, heat pump or gas furnace before big problems crop up. To purchase an affordable Comfort Club membership, call 512.588.1452. You’ll receive scheduled checkups, safety inspections and heat pump or furnace maintenance that makes winter more bearable.

Heat Pump Maintenance FAQs 

Heat pumps work well in our mild Central Texas climate, and they operate reliably with proper care. Learn more about heater maintenance below and call 512.588.1452 to speak with an expert.

    Licensed and certified technicians perform your heat pump maintenance. Depending on the system type, service may include: 

    • Cleaning & replacing filters
    • Lubricating motors
    • Checking & topping off refrigerant levels
    • Cleaning coils
    • Removing debris from the outside unit
    • Testing electrical terminals & controls
    • Calibrating thermostats

    Some of our Comfort Club plans also come with repair discounts, priority scheduling and more. Ask us about plan inclusions and costs.

    Heat pumps are perfect for the Austin and Hill Country area climate since winter temperatures are generally mild. These high-efficiency heating devices work best in temperatures above 30 degrees, and they don’t usually require a secondary heating source unless temperatures dip lower.
    Many of our customers are confused by the auxiliary and emergency settings on their Cedar Park, TX, heat pumps. Your heating system has two units: one installed indoors and the other outdoors. The unit outside your home is the heat pump, and the indoor unit is the “auxiliary” part of the system. During frigid weather, the outdoor unit gets too cold to provide your home or business with efficient heat. That’s when auxiliary heating mode kicks in, triggering the indoor unit to assist in warming the building.

    When heat pump coils are in the defrost phase of heating, the heat pump uses auxiliary radiation strips to heat your home. Auxiliary heat is automatic, rather than being controlled manually. If your home’s temperature drops a few degrees below your thermostat setting, the auxiliary heat setting switches on as needed. You probably won’t notice the change unless you see the thermostat’s AUX light turn on.

    Emergency heating mode is a manual setting on your heat pump thermostat that can be turned on to use the auxiliary heat strips full-time when the outdoor heat pump is not working properly. This allows your home to heat without the heat pump temporarily until the heat pump is back up and running.

    Emergency heating should be turned on during an emergency failure of the outdoor heat pump. During emergency mode, the outdoor heat pump switches off to avoid further damage to the unit and the system uses internal heating strips to heat your home instead. Remember, emergency heat mode requires more energy to run, so it costs more. Use it sparingly.

    Do not run your heat pump in the emergency setting when temperatures are warm. This may damage the device. Still confused about emergency setting use? Don’t worry! Your Cool Experts technician will advise you about correct heat pump operation. Call 512.588.1452 with questions! We’re happy to help.

Comfort Club Maintenance Memberships

Customers love our Cool Experts Comfort Club plans because they keep your home warm and safe. Membership perks include annual safety inspections, tune-ups and equipment cleaning—and some membership tiers come with exclusive discounts on repairs as well as priority scheduling and other VIP extras. 

To request Austin or Round Rock, TX, heating system maintenance, heat pump repair or other heat pump services, dial 512.588.1452. Our online scheduling app makes appointment requests even more convenient!