No Heat? No Problem. Cool Experts Can Help.

Winter temperatures sneak up on us, and often before we’re prepared. One day, skies are clear and you’re dining on the patio; a few hours later, the weather does an about-face and becomes windy and wet. Fortunately, Cool Experts can help you prep for winter’s arrival—or fix your failing furnace on a cold, cloudy day. When furnace repair is an emergency, dial 512.588.1452 for our 24/7 dispatch team. The Cool Experts arrive in a flash, ready to repair all furnace models and restore cozy comfort to your home or business.

Whether your Cedar Park, TX, furnace repair is routine or catastrophic, Cool Experts deliver fast fixes and peace of mind when the season’s first norther blows through!

Furnace Repair FAQs

For your convenience, we’ve provided answers to our customers’ most frequently asked furnace repair questions. If your question doesn’t appear here, our team of NATE-certified specialists can help. Call 512.588.1452 for more information. To learn about heat pump repairs, visit our website’s heat pump section.

    When your furnace doesn’t function efficiently, the consequences don’t stop with higher utility bills. Faulty furnaces are a source of fumes, soot and carbon monoxide—a colorless, odorless gas that is dangerous to your family. Broken systems also pollute indoor air and pose a safety risk. Common furnace problems include:

    • Unresponsive pilot light switches
    • Pilot lights that don’t stay lit
    • Filtration problems
    • Broken blowers or belts
    • Worn-out parts
    • Clogged or sooty flue openings
    • Emergency furnace repair

    Do-it-yourself furnace repair puts you at risk, so we recommend hiring a professional to service your equipment. Easy maintenance like filter upgrades and inspecting the burner flames can be performed with little risk.

    When you fire up your furnace for the season’s first use, you may experience a burnt dust smell. This odor is harmless and should not last more than a few hours. To get rid of the smell quickly, try a filter change.

    An electrical odor is more of a concern. Causes may include an overheated motor, broken fan motor, clogged filter, fried circuit or wiring problem. Turn off the furnace immediately and contact a professional. A burnt plastic smell may come from objects lodged in the furnace. Toys and other plastic objects give off fumes when heated, and this off-gassing may be dangerous to your health. Schedule service if the smell persists.
    Yes! Even though you have carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout your home, professional testing is an essential safety service for gas-fueled appliances. Low levels of the gas may not be detected by home monitoring, and you may experience symptoms before the device alerts you. When the Cool Experts perform heating maintenance and repairs, we check for leaks and CO buildup. This dangerous gas is odorless and colorless, and it replaces oxygen in your body’s red blood cells. Low CO levels may cause headaches, fatigue, chest pain, dizziness or nausea. Exposure to higher levels of carbon monoxide puts you at risk for major tissue damage and may even lead to death. If you have not had a CO checkup in a while, it’s worth the peace of mind to schedule one.
    Furnace repair costs are determined on a case-by-case basis and are dependent on whether your system needs an overhaul or you have routine needs like filter changes or belt replacements. An average repair cost range is $200 to $500, and your Cool Experts technician will provide an upfront estimate before beginning the work.
    Cool Experts recommends a thorough annual inspection for furnace equipment. When you invest in a Comfort Club maintenance plan, our NATE-certified team will perform a safety checkup and inspect, adjust, clean and test HVAC equipment. In between maintenance visits and furnace repairs, be sure to change filters frequently.

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Our Austin-Round Rock team members are experts in furnace services and heating system repair. Cool Experts offers pre-season inspections to ensure your equipment operates efficiently this winter. Dial 512.588.1452 to schedule a furnace tune-up in Cedar Park, TX, and surrounding communities. You can also reach us online or set up service using our appointment app. With three flexible time slots to choose from, the app allows you to work HVAC repair around your busy life!