Beat the Heat With High-Efficiency Comfort

Available 24/7 for routine and emergency repairs, Cool Experts’ highly trained HVAC specialists repair central air, heat pump and ductless systems while providing upfront pricing and no costly after-hours fees.

When temperature extremes arrive, it’s comforting to know your air conditioner can handle the load. Sweltering Texas summers call for a high-efficiency system that keeps up with the heat, but sometimes even properly maintained equipment needs a little nudge. If the following symptoms sound familiar, don’t put off your call to our local HVAC team.

Warning Signs Your AC Is Broken

  • Warm air is coming from registers. This may indicate a broken thermostat or bad condenser—or you could be in need of a refrigerant recharge.
  • Your air conditioner won’t turn on. After replacing the battery in your thermostat and making sure you didn’t trip a circuit, you’ve done all you can. It’s time to alert the Austin AC repair experts.
  • Utility bills are on the rise. Sure, a long hot summer can drive bills up a bit, but if temperatures are average and your bill is growing, it may be time to consider AC maintenance or replacement.
  • Water puddles around the condenser. Dripping or standing water is not a good sign. If your AC condenser is sweating or water is accumulating at its base, call the cooling professionals before you incur water damage.