Home Air Purification Solutions

Changing weather and active lifestyles bring dust and pollen into Austin-area homes, exposing your family to respiratory problems from allergens and particulate pollution. However, these aren’t the only contaminants our modern lifestyle introduces into your indoor spaces. Packaging products, cleaning supplies, car exhaust and chemical fumes also contribute to poor indoor air quality in homes and businesses.

Air purification systems are an effective way to improve indoor air quality and control the pathogens and pollution that expose your family to respiratory infections, asthma and allergies. Designed to work inside your home’s AC ventilation system or forced-air furnace, air purifiers capture or eliminate contaminants throughout your home or business. The most effective whole house air purification systems combine elements of these different technologies:

  • Ultraviolet germicidal light disinfection systems
  • Electrostatic air purifiers
  • HEPA filtration

The residential and commercial HVAC specialists at Cool Experts are also certified installers of whole house air purification systems. Call 512.588.1452 to learn more about indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions for your home or business.