Pro HVAC Care for Long Furnace Life

Chilly days are not the norm in Central Texas, but your furnace is a welcome friend when the weather gets brisk. Scheduling furnace filter changes and annual system care can reduce breakdown risk and minimize energy waste. According to ENERGY STAR®, dirt buildup and equipment disrepair are two prime reasons for HVAC problems. To avoid maintenance-related furnace trouble, Cool Experts recommends annual furnace services that include safety checks, equipment cleaning and precision tune-ups. 

Cool Experts’ Comfort Club memberships are the ideal way to protect your home climate system. To learn more about heating system maintenance or purchase a Comfort Club plan, call 512.588.1452.

FAQs About Furnace Maintenance

In Central Texas, furnaces sit unused most of the year while belts dry out, blowers become obstructed and dust builds. Cool Experts, Austin’s choice for five-star HVAC care, provides heating system tune-ups that restore furnace performance and reduce the risk of emergencies. Considering a maintenance plan for your home or business? Check out answers to our most common furnace care questions or call 512.588.1452 for information about Comfort Club memberships.

    For optimal operation and efficiency, your Austin furnace needs annual maintenance. Ideally, home and business owners should schedule a heating tune-up in the fall before the chill sets in—and an AC tune-up in the spring before cooling season kicks off. If you haven’t serviced your HVAC system in years or you’ve just moved into a new home, don’t wait until fall or spring. Cool Experts performs maintenance and safety inspections all year long, guaranteeing your comfort and peace of mind.

    A NATE-certified professional should perform your furnace maintenance since heating problems can be dangerous. When you trust us with furnace care, you’ll receive an annual inspection, adjustment, cleaning and testing of equipment and ventilation systems. Depending on the furnace type, we’ll perform tasks like these to restore your heater to factory operating standards.

      • Test for carbon monoxide & gas leaks
      • Check heat exchange & air balance
      • Clean burners & blowers
      • Test for proper venting
    Handyman servicing a furnace in Round Rock TX
    • Check safety controls & amperage draw
    • Calibrate thermostats 
    • Inspect air duct systems
    • Test furnace ignition 
    • Lubricate moving components
    • Make necessary system adjustments
    A heating system inspection should be performed each time a NATE-certified pro conducts your annual furnace maintenance. When Cool Experts inspects your furnace each fall, we look for safety hazards, electrical problems, ventilation leaks and other common issues. But we don’t stop there. Our inspections also include comprehensive cleaning, adjustments and tune-ups that restore equipment to manufacturer specifications.

    Yes! A yearly furnace inspection helps keep you safe and comfortable throughout the winter. Cool Experts customers report undeniable benefits from annual Comfort Club checkups, including:

    • Safe equipment operation. Cracked heat exchangers, short circuits and carbon monoxide leaks aren’t worth the risk. Our trained technicians prioritize your safety and alert you to potential hazards during your tune-up.
    • Longer equipment life. Who wants to spend money on a new furnace before they need to? Add years to furnace life with proper heating care.
    • Energy efficiency. Dusty, deteriorating HVAC equipment uses more energy than well-kept systems. Cool Experts cleans and adjusts your Cedar Park, TX, furnace, so you won’t waste precious energy dollars.

    Cool Experts recommends checking your filter every four to six weeks and changing it as needed. When it’s time for replacement, locate the filter size and specifications in your owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website. Avoid buying the cheapest fiberglass or paper air filter. To protect your furnace and your indoor air quality, upgrade to a HEPA filter with a medium (5 to 8) MERV rating. Families with allergies or asthma issues should consider a high-MERV filter (9 to 12). A higher MERV rating means the screen captures more particulates, including tiny bacteria and other pollutants that impact health.

    Once you have the new filter, follow these steps for your furnace filter change: 

    1. Turn off power to your furnace and unplug it or shut down the breaker for added safety. 
    2. Open the blower compartment where the filter is typically located. (If your filter is not found in this compartment, check the owner’s manual for location.)
    3. Before removing the dirty filter, look for the arrow printed on the filter frame. The arrow indicates the direction of airflow, and it should always point toward the furnace.
    4. Slide out the dirty filter and put the new filter in with the arrow pointing the correct direction. Putting the filter in upside down can impact performance and air quality control.
    5. Close the compartment tightly, restore power to the furnace, and turn the furnace back on.
    Your furnace can be reset by cycling the power off for 60 seconds and then back on. This can be a good fix if your furnace has shut down due to a dirty air filter and the air filter has been replaced following the steps previously described. If the furnace still doesn’t function, call 512.588.1452 to request assistance. It’s always a good idea to have the furnace checked by a professional to ensure there are no issues with your furnace safeties and/or functionality.

Meet Austin’s Furnace Maintenance Experts

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