Staycation Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

As the pandemic continues to strain businesses and upend residents’ lives, a growing number of Austin-area families are postponing or canceling summer travel. Citing quarantine restrictions, mask mandates and reduced capacity at theme parks and attractions, these travel skeptics are trading flights and road trips for safe and affordable home-based fun.

If staycation plans await your tribe, trust Cool Experts for air conditioner replacement services in Round Rock, TX. An aging or failing AC system can ruin your rest, and no one wants sleepless nights to interfere with a hard-earned “holistay.”

Three Vacation Spots to Create at Home

Even if you’re forced to cancel that Gulf Coast getaway or Hill Country retreat, there are many ways to escape the non-stop Zoom meetings and lingering COVID-19 angst. Start by funneling reclaimed trip funds into the perfect backyard oasis or playground installation. After reimagining your outdoor space, plan an at-home vacation to restore family sanity and boost home enjoyment.

  • Sports resort: The coronavirus pandemic curtailed professional and school sporting events, but you can still engage family members in competition and fitness. If your budget allows, build a backyard sports venue that includes a pool, spa or water slide. For a cheaper adventure, choose an above-ground pool or stock tank to beat the Austin heat. Re-create beach fun with a sand volleyball court or turn a corner of your yard into a putting green. Decorate patio areas with sports equipment and team memorabilia, and add an outdoor TV, bar and grill for the ultimate 19th hole.
  • Yoga retreat: Stay-at-home orders, grocery shortages, layoffs and pandemic fears have pushed Greater Austin families to the brink. Prioritize self-care with an outdoor sanctuary that restores the mind, body and spirit. Fashion a private meditation garden along the side of your home or in a hidden corner of your lawn. A small fountain, water plants, patch of grass and comfortable bench set the mood for your personal yoga retreat. Feel the coronavirus stress melt away as you tone your body and refresh your mind.
  • Family adventure park: After weeks of being cooped up with your loved ones, quality togetherness can feel more like pandemic purgatory. Ease those vacation letdowns and kick the couch habit by turning your backyard into a DIY adventure park. Add a jungle path, homemade ropes course, water balloon catapult or array of Ninja Warrior obstacles. Even if family finances are tight, these inexpensive PVC splash zones keep kids cool and entertained for hours.

Cool Experts Safeguard Your Indoor Comfort

Don’t let excessive heat stop your staycation fun. Schedule a seasonal air conditioning checkup beforehand and ask technicians to replace AC filters and verify coolant levels. Is your HVAC system showing its age? Call 512.588.1482 for a free estimate on air conditioner replacement services in Round Rock, TX.

Protecting your family’s health and comfort is job No. 1 for the Cool Experts team. We follow all recommended COVID-19 safety precautions, so you never have to compromise summer comfort to protect your well-being. If Austin-area temperatures challenge your AC’s cooling capacity, call Cool Experts for air conditioner repair and AC installation services in Round Rock, TX.