Safeguard Your Environment With Austin IAQ Solutions

A hot summer spent in Austin-Round Rock’s great outdoors means many outside contaminants at play, like dust, smoke, vehicle pollution, molds and plant allergens. You might think it’s healthier for kids to spend summer inside—where whisper-soft air conditioners circulate refreshing, filtered air—but, according to the EPA, you’d be wrong to assume indoor air is healthier. Scientific evidence shows that inside air may expose your family to pollutants two to five times higher than outside levels.

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

With today’s emphasis on energy savings, many home windows are sealed tightly—and cool indoor air is continually recirculated. Unless adequate air exchange is built into a home’s HVAC system, allergens and pollutants become concentrated. Conversely, mold, dust and irritants infiltrate homes through leaky ductwork and exposure to damp crawl spaces, dusty attics and poorly insulated walls. Other common sources of poor indoor air quality include:

  • Cleaning products & room deodorizers
  • Synthetic upholstery fabrics & carpeting
  • Household pests & pesticides used to control them
  • Undetected radon or carbon monoxide
  • Cooking & tobacco smoke
  • Mold & mildew from dripping pipes & fixtures
  • Excess levels of humidity

Improve Indoor Air Quality With These Simple Tips

Homeowners with a knack for DIY projects can improve air quality in their homes with careful cleaning and HVAC maintenance. The Cool Experts recommend servicing your heat pump or AC at the beginning of summer and performing these easy tasks to improve indoor air safety:

  • Stick to a scheduled home cleaning routine
  • Dust furniture & ceiling fan blades regularly
  • Clean or replace AC filters frequently
  • Use high-efficiency HEPA filters in your vacuum & HVAC system
  • Clean drip pans under refrigerators & cooling equipment
  • Seal leaky air ducts
  • Test for carbon monoxide & radon
  • Repair leaking pipes & fixtures quickly
  • Install a dehumidifier

Turn to Cool Experts for IAQ Solutions

For more technical indoor air quality considerations like calculating adequate ventilation, efficient airflow and cooling load for your home, turn to Cool Experts’ NATE-certified climate specialists. The Experts install and maintain systems for air purification, ultraviolet germicidal light disinfection and humidity regulation. Most of these highly efficient solutions use existing ductwork and can be retrofitted to your current AC system.

Call Cool Experts at 512.588.1452 today for a free IAQ equipment consultation, or schedule AC service using our convenient online form.