Quick Home Tips to Smooth the Fall-Back Transition 

In a position paper published this summer, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine called for the end of daylight saving time in favor of a year-round standard time adoption. According to the AASM, years of evidence indicate the United States’ twice-annual time change increases risk of cardiovascular events, auto accidents, mood disorders and other public health and safety issues.

Though it’s too late to get out of the Nov. 1, 2020, time change, some experts believe policymakers may put an end to daylight saving time disruptions in the next few years. In the meantime, these fall-back hints can help ease your family into a productive autumn and holiday season. And planning ahead for services like furnace and AC duct replacement or seasonal HVAC maintenance ensures that your home is truly a haven this winter.

DST-Transition Tips for Homes & Families

  1. Slowly change family sleep schedules during the days before the time change. A one-hour time difference wreaks surprising havoc on our bodies, but it is easy to make incremental bedtime adjustments in preparation for the return to standard time. Move bedtimes forward by five or 10 minutes a night during late October so the one-hour transition feels less painful.
  2. Stock up on batteries and HVAC filters. The semi-annual changing of the clocks is a fitting time to change smoke detector batteries and AC/furnace filters. Between now and the beginning of November, check your smoke detector battery size and HVAC filter model so you can order replacements online. Consider upgrading filters to high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) or electrostatic models, which remove the mold spores, bacteria and allergens that basic filters may not.
  3. Schedule HVAC maintenance and smart thermostat installation. Central Texas still has plenty of AC season left, but it’s still wise to get a jump on furnace time by scheduling your autumn heating inspection and tune-up. Heating and cooling neglect can shorten HVAC lifespan and inflate utility bills, but a comprehensive fall heating checkup helps restore performance and efficiency—even if you own aging equipment. While you’re at it, ask home comfort specialists about eco-friendly Wi-Fi thermostat installation if you’re still getting by with a traditional thermostat model. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, residents can save up to 10 percent on cooling and heating costs by setting the thermostat back 7 to 10 degrees for at least half the day. At night, smart thermostats can be programmed a few degrees lower to save even more energy. Bonus: Today’s smart thermostat models come with handy companion apps to access energy savings reports and adjust your home’s temperature from remote locations, too!

Welcome Fall With a Call to Austin’s Cool Experts

Cooling bills on the rise this month? You may have leaky air ducts. The certified technicians at Cool Experts offer AC duct replacement, home HVAC maintenance and Wi-Fi thermostat installation that can save you money, prevent heating waste and extend the life of costly mechanical equipment during the chilly season.

Spend that coveted fall-back hour planning autumn home chores like these, and you’ll move into the holidays with fewer worries and increased comfort. Call 512.588.1452 or request service online before Nov. 1 puts a hitch in your sleep and your maintenance schedule.