Quick Air Quality Tips for Dog & Cat Owners

On summer nights in Austin neighborhoods, the air is filled with the scent of BBQ and the strains of area music festivals. It’s also loaded with weed and grass pollen, which sends allergy sufferers running indoors for relief. Unfortunately, when dogs and cats share your home, being inside might not help. Those lovable pets shed dander, bacteria, hair and outdoor pollens that contaminate indoor spaces. How can you keep your furry friends and maintain your respiratory health?

Clean Indoor Air With Advanced Technology

Dogs and cats shed skin flakes, hair, dust and bacteria that invade your AC system and settle in ductwork, vents and air filters. The best way to eliminate these pollutants is with high-tech air purifiers and filtration equipment. HEPA filters and electrostatic or ultraviolet air purifiers work with your existing AC to remove pet allergens from indoor air. Ask about indoor air quality equipment when you schedule air conditioning installation services in Austin, TX. If your AC system is over 8 years old, technicians can install IAQ equipment as part of your air conditioner replacement services in Round Rock, TX.

Low-Tech Tips for Controlling Pet Allergies

Allergy problems from four-legged friends also may improve with a few simple maintenance tasks. Try these tips to help minimize allergens while enjoying your pet’s companionship.

  • Change or clean HVAC filters often and have air ducts professionally cleaned one to two times per year.
  • Wipe hard surfaces with microfiber cloths to avoid stirring up dust. Use a vacuum cleaner equipped with HEPA filtration when you clean rugs, upholstery and window treatments.
  • Keep pets out of bedrooms and off sofas where allergy sufferers sleep or relax.
  • Change cat litter frequently and use low-dust, clumping litter products that are hypoallergenic.
  • Take dogs and cats to a professional groomer or bathe them often at home. If they spend time outdoors, brush and towel them off before letting them come inside.
  • Schedule regular HVAC maintenance to keep AC systems working at max efficiency and delivering fresh, healthy airflow. 

Trust Cool Experts With Your Indoor Comfort

The Cool Experts team works hard to earn the trust and repeat business of Austin-area homeowners. Serving families with reliability and technical skill, we offer no-gimmicks pricing on air conditioner replacement services in Round Rock, TX. Our team of pros also guarantees your satisfaction when we provide air conditioning installation services in Austin, TX, Dripping Springs, Georgetown and other Central Texas locations. Keep summer sneezing at bay with IAQ maintenance! Schedule online or call 512.588.1452 to request an estimate or inquire about air filtration services.