Make Your Home Smarter

Central Texas summers tend to drag out, with the AC running well into October. If you are contemplating ways to lower out-of-control utility bills after months of running the air conditioner, a smart thermostat is the perfect place to start. More than just cool tech gadgets, today’s Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats are easy to use, attractive to display and proven to save energy while “greening” your home.

When you schedule cooling maintenance or AC repair services in Cedar Park, TX, by Cool Experts, ask us about installing an affordable Wi-Fi thermostat in your home.

Five Benefits of Cool Experts Smart Thermostats

  • Ease your summer to fall temperature transition. The great thing about smart thermostats is they pick up on your comfort patterns after you make a few manual adjustments. When you increase your home’s temperature during the transition to autumn, your Wi-Fi device “learns” your family’s behaviors, sleep times and away times. Making necessary adjustments throughout the week, a smart thermostat saves energy when you’re away from home and greets you with your preferred temperature when you get back from work or school.
  • Remote control, the smart way. One of our customers’ favorite thermostat features is the ability to make changes away from home. Using an intuitive companion app, homeowners can adjust their thermostat from next door, across the street or around the world. Remote temperature control is simple to use, and our home comfort specialists provide smart thermostat training after they install your device. Each thermostat has Wi-Fi sensors that seamlessly pair with heat pumps, central AC or furnaces, giving residents the ability to cool or heat their homes on the fly—when unexpected schedule changes arise.
  • Energy savings to make you smile. When it comes to saving energy on your HVAC system, Cool Experts recommends scheduling routine HVAC maintenance and keeping up with air conditioner repair services in Round Rock, TX. Smart thermostats also play a significant role in energy savings. According to Nest Labs, users may achieve 10 to 12 percent savings on heating bills and 15 percent savings on cooling when installing and properly using Nest Wi-Fi thermostats.
  • Peace of mind that comes with a reduced carbon footprint. Many Cool Experts customers are striving to create sustainable homes through the use of smart HVAC systems. Over time, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats track home energy use and allow you to tweak temperatures to meet eco-energy goals. Customized reporting features help Austinites shrink their carbon footprints and reduce previously high levels of energy waste.
  • Home maintenance reminders to optimize HVAC efficiency. Life is busy, and home maintenance often falls to the bottom of a long list of tasks. Intelligent thermostats notify you when there is an emergency, when your system needs a tune-up—or when your filter is overdue for a change. Select the notifications you prefer and turn off the rest.

Schedule Smart Thermostat Installation Today

Whether your house is brand new or you’re refurbishing old mechanical systems, a smart thermostat is a wise addition to any home comfort system. To learn more about the advantages of Nest and other Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, contact our team at 512.588.1452. Ask about integrating a smart thermostat into your AC and heating system the next time you schedule AC repair services in Cedar Park, TX. To request programmable thermostat installation online, click here