Three Pandemic Projects to Boost Productivity

As Texas hits temporary pause on the state’s phased economic reopening, Greater Austin homeowners are reinventing summer hours and canceling outings and travel plans—again. To set up home and learning environments that are efficient and productive, many Cool Experts’ customers are continuing their deep cleaning and organization projects. With remote work and school schedules likely continuing into the fall, some homeowners also are planning renovations that will help their families thrive in the pandemic reality.

According to a recent survey by LightStream, a consumer lending division of SunTrust bank, almost 73 percent of homeowners planning 2020 home updates will continue despite the coronavirus pandemic. “As a result of COVID-19 shutdowns that closed offices, businesses, schools and more, self-isolation has forced Americans to take a much closer look at their homes,” says Todd Nelson, a LightStream senior vice president.

Wise, Pandemic-Proof Home Updates

The pandemic economy has forced some people to reinvent their remodeling or renovation budgets, but there still are countless, affordable ways to DIY your outdated décor. You also can find competitive financing for summer renovations or break them into phases to spread out the payments.

Popular projects like these help pandemic-proof your home and boost your comfort for the long haul:

  • Home climate & air quality installation. For homeowners needing to repair or replace home cooling or IAQ equipment, Cool Experts can help. Your new, high-efficiency air conditioner will ensure that a summer at home isn’t stifling. If finances are tight during this volatile time, our reputable company provides competitive financing to meet your budget needs. Call 512.588.1452 to request upfront estimates for air conditioner replacement services in Austin, TX.
  • Renovated workspaces for the whole family. The coronavirus outbreak has many companies and schools planning a hybrid of on-site and remote work and learning. If your family is juggling work-from-home and homeschool schedules this fall, consider remodeling or finishing a large basement or climate-controlled garage space to create a multi-station home office. If your home has a smaller footprint, an architect or general contractor can help you carve out a home office nook in a spare bedroom or unused hallway. Closet office nooks and wall-mounted desks are popular ways to maximize space, too.
  • Home workout rooms & personal gyms. There’s no doubt COVID-19 has people feeling skittish about germy gyms and fitness centers. To stay safe and be consistent with exercise, Round Rock residents are canceling memberships and putting saved fees toward at-home gym renos for one person or the whole family. Creative options include walk-in closet yoga studios, weight training rooms and cardio equipment nooks. Once your workout zone is ready, Cool Experts offers ductless AC systems and zoned cooling equipment, so you don’t overheat during that high-intensity workout! Contact our team for an estimate.

If you’ve been waiting for your next stimulus check to schedule air conditioner replacement services in Austin, TX, schedule an estimate today. Our team takes precautions to ensure your health and safety when we arrive at your home, and our “essential” business helps families thrive while they stick close to home this summer.

Call now to request these HVAC services, too: summer heat pump installation, central air conditioner replacement or air conditioner repair services in Round Rock, TX.

Trust our skilled, trained team to wow you with every service call! We are Greater Austin’s choice for reliable air conditioning service and hospital-grade air filtration systems. Call 512.588.1482 to discuss your next home comfort project or report an AC outage or equipment emergency.