High-Efficiency Insulation Is a Cedar Park HVAC Necessity

The word “insulation” is something we usually associate with winter—but it’s also one of the most affordable ways to keep Cedar Park homes fresh and energy-efficient when baking temperatures assault Central Texas. Summer is in full swing. Does your home have the insulation infrastructure it needs to fight outdoor heat and lock precious AC indoors, where you need it?

High-quality insulation is vital for any home, but it’s especially crucial if you’ve invested in recent AC replacement services in Cedar Park, TX. Your new air conditioner will last longer when you reduce heat gain and prevent unnecessary HVAC use.

Summer Benefits of Blown-In Insulation

Standard rolled batting may be the type of insulation you are most familiar with, but Cool Experts recommends and installs blown-in, loose-fill insulation. Here’s why:

  • Enhanced comfort & AC system longevity. An average U.S. attic reaches a baking 130+ degrees during the heat of summer. Blown-in attic insulation creates a thermal barrier that keeps heat from infiltrating the house. Cooler attics prevent your AC system from working overtime, which lowers the chance of emergency AC repair services in Cedar Park, TX. High-quality insulation also helps prolong HVAC equipment life. 
  • Airtight design for awkward spaces. When properly installed, loose-fill insulation packs every crack and crevice to minimize air leaks. Unlike batt insulation, blown insulation fits securely around pipes, beams and obstructions.
  • Moisture & mold resistance. When old-school insulation gets wet, you may have an unhealthy mold problem on your hands. Cool Experts’ insulation products are moisture-resistant to minimize the possibility of mold growth, musty odor or wood rot. This is especially helpful for families suffering from allergies and asthma.
  • High-efficiency & high ROI. Insulation efficiency is measured by R-value, which is its ability to resist heat transfer; the higher the R-value the greater its thermal resistance. Cool Experts’ certified climate professionals recommend insulation that is eco-friendly and provides high thermal resistance for a superior return on investment. To learn more, check out the Department of Energy’s R-value recommendations for Central Texas and the surrounding region.
  • Ease of installation. Blown-in insulation is easier to install than batt insulation. Because of this, Cool Experts’ customers enjoy labor savings that makes blown insulation a cost-effective investment—and a practical summer update for your home.

Green Your Austin Residence With Blown Insulation

Even a small air leak can greatly impact energy costs and escalate energy waste. Homeowners desiring greener homes find that loose-fill insulation minimizes a home’s carbon footprint and reduces HVAC carbon emissions. Cool Experts will help you find the insulation solution that best suits your green building objectives.

Perhaps one of the best reasons to update your home’s insulation is to take a load off your workhorse AC system. Whether you have an older air conditioner or a new, high-efficiency version, proper attic insulation takes the stress off and extends the life of your central air conditioner or ductless system. Many of our customers report needing fewer AC repairs once they upgrade their homes’ insulation systems, too!

Cool Experts’ Insulation Services Deliver Comfort & ROI

Blown-in insulation is more than just blowing insulation into the attic space. It is a science of heat transfer that can greatly increase your home’s heating and cooling performance. Our team specializes in heat transfer and the laws of thermodynamics, taking a whole-house strategy to optimizing your home’s comfort performance. If your home has builder-grade insulation or it’s an aging house that’s never had a thermal barrier upgrade, now is the perfect time to schedule an estimate for an attic efficiency makeover. Protect your air conditioner, lower utility bills and safeguard your family’s health with affordable solutions from the Austin comfort pros.

To learn more about summer HVAC services, schedule AC repair services in Cedar Park, TX, or request AC replacement services in Cedar Park, TX, call 512.588.1452 today!