Banish Muggy Air, Allergies & AC Strain

When Austin summers hit, you expect your AC system to deliver “just right” comfort instead of sticky, stale or partially cooled air. If indoor air is less than perfect, it may mean your AC is overwhelmed by high humidity. Humidity management is a common problem during Texas summers—when outside moisture hovers near 90 percent and air conditioners operate 24/7.

If your central AC is less than 8 years old and has been properly maintained, you might not need air conditioner repair services in Round Rock, TX. Instead, comfort specialists may recommend adding a whole-house dehumidifier to your HVAC system. Dehumidifiers boost AC efficiency and are often the missing link to ideal summer comfort.

AC Isn’t Enough in High Humidity Climates

Though air conditioners work hard to keep Austin-area homes comfortable, they often need a boost. Cooling systems use refrigerant to draw heat out of indoor air. In the process, they also remove moisture. Unfortunately, Round Rock has more humidity than many AC systems can handle. To solve this problem, HVAC techs install whole-house dehumidifiers, which use refrigerant to regulate moisture to around 45 percent. This is a balanced level most families find comfortable.

Working in tandem with your home’s central cooling system, dehumidifiers remove extra moisture and keep your AC from overworking. Dehumidifiers also increase cooling efficiency and lower utility bills. It might make good financial sense to include a whole-house dehumidifier when you invest in air conditioner replacement services in Cedar Park, TX.

Bonus Benefits of Dehumidifying Your Home

Reducing indoor humidity also solves other summer problems common to the Austin area. Dehumidifiers help with:

  • Persistent allergies: Allergies from cedar bushes, mold spores, dust and other irritants plague Austinites during spring and summer. Dehumidifiers come with filters that capture these allergy-causing offenders.
  • Mold & mildew: A drier environment discourages fungi growth. Mold and mildew endanger your family’s health and create unpleasant odors, but dehumidifiers keep them at bay.
  • Moisture damage to furnishings & woodwork: Dehumidifying your home protects fine furniture, carpeting, upholstery and woodwork, which can be discolored, warped or ruined by water vapor.

 Trust Your Comfort to the Cool Experts

Cool Experts knows the Central Texas climate, and our solutions keep your family comfortable in every weather extreme. Stay on top of AC maintenance with Comfort Club Maintenance Plans, which come with priority scheduling for air conditioner repair services in Round Rock, TX or air conditioner replacement services in Cedar Park, TX.

Feeling wrung-out by the Texas humidity? Call Cool Experts at 512.588.1452 for a free estimate on whole-house dehumidifier installation. For your convenience, you also can schedule service online, any time of day.