Air Conditioning Maintenance Delivers on Comfort & Savings

Kick Off Summer With a Cool Experts AC Inspection

If an early Austin summer had you turning on the AC weeks ago, you might have noticed it isn’t as efficient this year. It’s not uncommon for aging and neglected air conditioners to perform poorly, compromising your comfort and elevating energy bills. Even newer AC units should be inspected, cleaned and lubed annually for optimal performance.

Debunking the Maintenance Myth

If you think HVAC maintenance is a luxury rather than a necessity, consider the benefits of your AC. In addition to keeping you comfortable, properly air conditioned and ventilated Austin homes improve occupant productivity, keep indoor air healthier and reduce a neighborhood’s collective carbon footprint. For businesses, efficient air conditioning is key to guest comfort and employee health and morale.

Consider it this way: You probably don’t drive your car for thousands of miles without a tune-up—so it’s wise to take that same approach with your HVAC system. Plus, an annual AC maintenance visit is quite affordable compared to a costly emergency repair. While air conditioning inspections alone can’t prevent emergencies, they greatly reduce your chance of an unexpected breakdown.

Three Benefits of Cool Experts’ Spring AC Maintenance

Investing in AC before the hottest summer months is wise for several reasons, not the least of which is that you’ll enjoy summer more! Cool Experts’ economically priced maintenance plans include these additional benefits:

Utility & energy savings. A properly maintained AC system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep up with your comfort. That means lower power bills and less energy waste.

Pinpoints little things before they become big things. Your inspection is a good time for an Expert to detect small maintenance issues that could turn into a catastrophe if unaddressed. Small repairs can be made on the spot, so they don’t inconvenience you later.

Prolonged AC life. Well-cared-for AC equipment reduces the chance of premature replacement. Routine maintenance is proven to contribute to HVAC longevity.

Trust the Experts With Your Summer Comfort

Before Austin-Round Rock dishes out the worst temps of the summer, give the Experts a call: 512.588.1452. For your convenience, you can also reach us online, 24/7. Click here to submit a request for air conditioning maintenance or repairs. Exceeding your expectations with every service call, every day, we’re Central Texas’s choice for HVAC and indoor air quality service.